ECM Media offers charging stations that allows consumers to charge their cell phones for free. Each station has all the equipment and plug-ins consumers need – consumers simply need to find a station, plug in and relax. Consumers can charge their phone while taking a break from shopping, while they are watching the game and grabbing a drink at the concession stand. We go where you go, so that you never have to worry about your cell phone battery. Instead, you can let your cell phone do what it does best – communicate, dial, text, search, post, compute, connect.

Unlike other cell phone charging stations, ECM’s high top bar tables are completely FREE for the customer. Thanks to sponsors who advertise on our tables and screens, consumers can enjoy cool commercials and promotions and learn about events and the venue where the charging station is installed without paying a penny.

ECM’s advertising network helps to reinforce the advertising you are currently running in other OOH mediums. The billboard that was passed earlier in the day is shown repeatedly at the venue down the street or in the food court of the local mall making sure that your name or brand is remembered. The radio advertisement that consumers heard on the way to the venue is shown several times an hour helping to reinforce that message. The banner that was shown on the local newspaper web site is shown several times an hour. This network of OOH and DOOH Phone Charging Stations will help to reinforce all of these mediums, in turn making all your advertising dollars well spent.

We specialize in targeting hard to reach on the go consumers by cost-effectively building your brand. ECM has a local network of restaurants, bars, sports bars and other venues.

Charging Tower

A safe and secure way for customers to quickly charge their cell phones.

High Top Bar Table

Perfect for bars, restaurants, stadiums or any event.


    • Increase in Dwell Time, Customer Retention & Engagement – This helps to prolong their time spent at your venue, and focuses their attention away from their phone’s battery making them more engaged customers.
    • Boost in Sales – Overall, research has found that customers that charge their phones will spend 29% more than customers that don’t.
    • You Become a Go-To Location – Because people know that they can charge their phone at your location, they’ll rely on you for it.
    • Improved Customer Experience & Loyalty – Offering a phone charging station helps improve a customer’s overall experience because they’re more engaged, and by improving their experience, you can make them more loyal customers.
    • Increase in Foot Traffic – For trade shows and retailers, being able to attract new customers that wouldn’t have otherwise visited your location is important.​
    • It’s a Branding Opportunity – Branded phone charging station as a way to increase brand awareness and recognition.
    • It’s a Sponsorship Opportunity – Use it as a selling point for companies to accomplish their own branding goals at your venue.
    • They’re Called a Charging Solution for a Reason – When businesses can’t provide a way for people to charge their phones, they’ll leave and look for somewhere that they can.
  • It’s a Competitive Advantage – All of these benefits help businesses establish a competitive advantage, and we’ve seen firsthand how it can help a business improve.
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ECM Media has relationships with malls, stadiums, theme parks, racetracks and concert venues. No matter where your target audience is located we can help you reach them.

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ECM’s out-of-home advertising solutions allow companies to promote products through a network of device charging stations placed in high trafficked venues, including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, stadiums, casinos, airports, you name it!